by José Eduardo Real 

Cooperativa de Comunicação e Cultura

Torres Vedras

Gallery "Câmara Escura"

20th February 2019 to 30th March 2019 

(18 photos)

CHARIVARI, is a work of Jose Eduardo Real on the Carnival of Torres Vedras that is far beyond the documentary. Without excessive preoccupations with the formal structure, the richness of the work lies in the way the author came in at night and was constructing the images with which gives us an intimate version of the moment.

Taking the subjective experiences of the revelers as a stage, the author creates, from his own symbolic universe, a unique visual construction. With black and white, blurring, overlapping planes or noise density, it opens up different reading paths, intense, visceral and dramatic, in an alternating movement between faces and details, in a search for the direction that is the key of stories.

It is a silent work on the hubbub, the confusion and the shambles that create us the feeling of being there and of (also) losing our breath.

José Eduardo Real's photograph, used here as a tool for the meaning of an annual event, has the potential to launch us into environments, both public and private, that give rise to untimely and disparate images with a strong humanist component.

Alice WR

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